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Blowhole Theater Holiday Spectacular!!!

Thursday Night! Dec. 14th – 7 PM


Hosted by Don Rauf of Life in Blender and me, your humble Spoon


37 West 17th Street – SECOND FLOOR
New York, NY 10011

Inspired by the Coney Island sideshow of the same name, Blowhole Theater the (once upon a time) annual holiday variety show, is returning to December for the first time in many years.

Featuring the first NYC appearance of the Paul Ukena Trio in far too long!

Plus many fun musical acts, stand-up comedy, witty monologists; even the Amazing Sargasso, our mystic contact with the great beyond!!!

Including… Robin Aigner, Chris Rael, Chris Smiley, Charlie Nieland, Susan Hwang, Marlon Cherry, Henry Tenney, and Don Rauf, The Possible Gaynor, Martin Kramer, Leah Coloff, Andrew Lederer, Jessie Kilguss, Kenny Young and the Eggplant, Angela Alverson, Myron the Magnificent, Monty Banks, Bill Tipper, Jon Protas of the Nice Men, Michael Wilder, and The Jackson Pinks.

All in the amazingly cool showroom of CounterEvolution with handmade furnishings built from old bowling alleys.

FREE!!! – ok, there may be some small donation expected to help pay for the refreshments.

As ever, I will be doing a song at the start of the show, and the Paul Ukena Trio will be on sometime during the first hour. And I will be doing the co-hosting throughout the night, and running the traditional Blowhole Moonshine Ritual with volunteers from the audience.

The Most December Fun You Can Have With Your Snow Pants Off!!!!

Bring Both Your Friends!!!!!

Blowhole Theater – December 14th – 7PM Til the Reindeer Come Home!!!!!!


37 West 17th Street – SECOND FLOOR
New York, NY 10011


You Can Say That Again!

I just got back from another visit to Maury’s Music to shoot guitar demos, “And boy are my arms tired!”


Bushwick Book Club – Meat Cake Bible by Dame Darcy

Here is the tune Wax Wolf, with lyrics by Henry Tenney and music by your humble Spoon, inspired by Meat Cake Bible, the recently released collection of Dame Darcy’s macabre alt-comic Meat Cake, video by Dame Darcy.


Blow Hole Theater – August 23

The seasonal variety show that goes back to the 1980s surfaces to send up another spout of talent, music, comedy, and impersonations of barnyard animals

Barbes, Brooklyn 6:30 – 9:30

Co-hosted by your humble Spoon


Martinfest 2017 – August 3 – 7

Public Performances:

Saturday Aug. 5 – Main Stage at Martin on Main, Nazareth, PA.

I will be doing my own stuff at 1:30, and playing with the Paul Ukena Trio at 2:30

Sunday Aug. 6 – Boro Park, Nazareth, PA

Paul Ukena Trio – approx. 1:00


“It was a total blast!” recalls former spokesmodel

Check out these and other revealing guitar demonstration videos at Maury’s Music’s YouTube Channel


Off to the wilds of the Panther Valley and Coaldale, Pennsylvania, to shoot some guitar demonstration videos for Maury’s Music

This will be my first opportunity to see the new Martin 0-18 and compared it directly to the 00-18. Awesome!


Friday, March 17, 2017 – St. Patrick’s Day with the Highland Shatners!

It is that time of year when there is no fear that the green will sprout throughout the former colonies and part’s west.
Gather ye to the hearth and mug on St. Pat’s 3/17/17 with special food and fine ales at Freddy’s, on 5th Ave. near 17th Street, in New York’s famous Brooklyn, to see the Highland Shatners!
Feast upon uplifting melodies of down crashing sheleighlies, interplanetary drinking songs, and for the tenderhearted, touching ballads of motherless children and VD.
The Highland Shatners go on in the backroom at 8:30 PM with our unique blend of traditional Celtic tunes from all the Isles, with Paisley Pop from the 1960s, modern Scottish music, and of course songs from Star Trek. Just one of several acts in place to accompany your revelry.
Do I reach? Or will you remain Herbert not there, and so very square?


Paul Ukena Trio Website

Check out the new site and add your name to the mailing list

Spoon Phillips unkenatrio


Bushwick Book Club

I was happy to accept an invitation to accompany Henry Tenney at the June Bushwick Book Club, featuring songs inspired by David Lynch’s autobiographical work.

June 8, 2016

Counter Evolution in New York’s famous Manhattan



Tennessee Williams Inspires New Music

Monday night The Bushwick Book Club at Superfine in DUMBO, Brooklyn.

The poster said 8, BUT the official start time is 7pm/SUNSET with a new conceptual piece by Marc Buchy.

The performances will start afterwards (approx. 7:30/8?).
Please join us at 7pm if you can! This installment of B B C are songs inspired by Tennessee Williams’ Pulitzer Prize-winning play “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof.”
I will presenting a new song written for the occasion, with help from various members of Spoonville and the Highland Shatners.
Tennessee Williams T Spoon Phillips
                                                                     Image: Jullie LaMendola


St. Patrick’s Day  with the Highland Shatners

Thursday March 17 – 7:30

Freddy’s Bar

627 5th Ave near 17th St. in Brooklyn

We will be playing unplugged acoustic in the main bar near the piano

The R train to Prospect Av (which is 15th St.) at 4th Ave. and Freddy’s is between 17th and 18th St. on 5th Ave.

But the 5th Ave. bus from Park Slope is leisurely and drops you off right across the street.

So come get your Irish on with the Highland Shatners, even though we play Scottish music and stuff from Star Trek.


Winter NAMM!

The Winter NAMM show opens Thursday in sunny Southern California.

I am off to the frigid snowfields of Nazareth, PA and the Martin Guitar Factory to get a hands-on look at the 2016 models.

My exclusive reviews will be appearing at

One Man’s Guitar

and check out my social and cultural commentary at

One Man’s World

But I intend to find time to further expand and improve on the new version to

So check in from time to time and see how it’s shaping up!

Spoon, out


Not all guitars are created equal internet homne of T Spoon Phillips 1930 OM-45 Deluxe

1930 Martin OM-45 Deluxe (photo: Robert Corwin)