Music and Dance Inspired by Vonnegut Novel

The Bushwick Book Club at CounterEvolution

Thursday, January 21

I am out of town, but that does not mean you can’t find yourself at this fabulous event.


37 W 17th St (second floor)
New York, New York 10011

Phone     (718) 243-2399

As per the lovely and talented Susan Wang..

Nothing brings in the new year like a new song inspired by a Kurt Vonnegut novel. 2016 is the year of GALAPAGOS. Come here, come hear, come see and come sea new songs and dance inspired by the book. No Cover – BYOB

The show is being held in the loving, Vonnegut-appreciating arms of Jim Malone’s exquisite venue, CounterEvolution — the best sounding furniture showroom this side of the Hudson. These fine songwriters and choreographers will be filling the room with book-inspired sound and movement:

Mark Lessereaux
Susan Hwang
Timothy Dark
Charlie Nieland
Pearl Rhein
Don Rauf
Sweet Soubrette
Henry Tenney
Marlon CHerry
Sophie Malleret
Phoebe Novak
Jessie Kilguss
Nicola Yvette
Andrew Jannetti/ Mara Katz
David Lavin
Jia Jung

And tell ’em Spoon sent ya!

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