Six Microphone Pairings – Your thoughts?

Help Spoon on his way toward his new album

Listen to these microphone tests and add your opinion, please!

May 3rd Mic Test (replaces the May Day test)

** Totally forgot you must DOWNLOAD the files from Sound Cloud to be able to hear the real wav files.**

To download, go to my SoundCloud page HERE

OR click on the SOUNDCLOUD logo in the upper right corner and it will take you to page for each file.

Otherwise you just get crappy mp3s when you listen online.

Blind Test for Now. I will reveal the mics in a few days.

Same guitar, and the mics were set up in the same positions and same distance from the guitar.

One example sounds much more like the actual guitar than the others. But for me that is not important, compared to what listeners hear and “that sounds good” or “pleasing” or “listenable without fatigue” etc., when it comes to someone listening to a 45 minute album of guitar music, etc.

There was no EQ or compression etc. I just played the same piece over and over six times, as fast as I could switch microphones and adjust levels.

I was surprised how different some of them sound in terms spacial effect in the virtual soundstage.

I am curious to know what YOU hear, think about the six mic pairings in this test. Which one(s) do you like?

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