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Errors in Digital Download of Lost and Haunted Ways

For those who downloaded the Hi-Def FLAC audio files of my album Lost and Haunted Ways, I discovered the wrong files had been uploaded.   Although the sound quality is no different than the final versions, the files you received do not have the metadata tags that allow the Artist, Album, Date, etc. show up in your music players. And there was some mastering info left at the end of certain song titles.   I regret the error.  The corrected files have been added to the DropBox folder. Please contact me if you no longer have the link and would like to download the new files. If you do not care about having the data tags, or added them yourself, you do not need to download the new versions. As stated, there is no difference in sound quality.


The New Album is now available!

Original Solo Acoustic Guitar Compositions At long last the CD, Lost and Haunted Ways, is finished and reading to ship. Order YOURS today! CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS  


Lost and Haunted Ways – the new album has arrived and is ready for release

Twelve years in the making. Recorded in June. Mixed and mastered in July. Lost and Haunted Ways, the solo acoustic guitar album featuring all original compositions by your humble Spoon, goes on sale August 9, 2018! Orders may be made at this website, or at, on that date. Pre-orders for the digital download version of the album may be made on that date as well. The original multi-track recordings are being remixed and remastered specifically for the Hi-Def download version, and the MP3s made from them. Both types of downloadable files will be available to anyone who purchases a CD with the digital download bonus. Read all about the tunes, the inspiration behind them, see album art and other information about the new record, Lost and Haunted Ways HERE *SPECIAL OFFER FOR MARTINFEST ATTENDEES* From August 2 through August 6, a limited number of CDs will be available for sale for those attending the 17th Annual Martinfest in Nazareth and Bethlehem, PA. CDs are $15. For $20 you get a copy of the CD and a coupon with a unique code that can be used to download the digital version of the album, in Hi-Def or MP3, or both. I will be remixing and remastering the original multi-track recordings for the digital download album starting next week and I expect to have it available sometime between August 15 – 20. See Spoon at Martinfest for details.