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Live in New York City, It’s Dick Boak!

Equipment Check A OK! Ready for the gallery exhibit of the Illustration and Guitar Designs of Dick Boak Saturday November 17, New York City, I will be playing solo acoustic fingerstyle guitar for my friend Dick Boak at the opening of “Illustrations and Guitars by Dick Boak and Paintings by Tullio Desantis.” 273 Bleecker Street (formerly Matt Umanov Guitar Shop,) NY, NY 10014.  5 – 9 PM. Self portrait (2016) For those unfamiliar, Dick was the longtime good will ambassador and public face for C. F. Martin & Co., the premiere builder of acoustic guitars in the world, before his retirement earlier this year. Tullio Desantis is a painter, author, and educator who Boak cites as a major inspiration for his art and outlook.