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Letters from Daisy

My first Bushwick Book Club performance, with my new song Letters from Daisy Inspired by Tennessee Williams’ “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof” (New upload with a fixed typo in the titles) The New York City chapter of The Bushwick Book Club is a monthly performance event hosted by actress/musician Susan Hwang, taking place at various venues. Artists are invited to write a song inspired by a particular work of literature, or poetry, dance, even stand-up comedy. But primarily it is about songwriting. The March 2016 installment featured the play “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof,” which won Tennessee Williams the 1955 Pulitzer Prize for Drama. It took place at Superfine, in Dumbo, Brooklyn. Letters for Daisy represents excerpts of letters written to a relative by Daisy, a household maid and one of the smallest roles in the play. Backing vocals and instrumentation by Rob Meador, Doug Pierson and Henry Tenney. Performed on a Martin OMC-28B Laurence Juber signature model with a duel-source B-Band pickup. Oddly enough, I woke up that morning with the first strains of laryngitis, so a couple of times I go to voice words that do not appear or die out, and need repeated, and my range compresses considerably as the song goes on. But not a bad debut. And now I have no voice at all.  So time for the age old apple cider vinegar, lime juice and honey. The Bushwick Book Club Susan Hwang Superfine


Music and Dance Inspired by Vonnegut Novel

The Bushwick Book Club at CounterEvolution Thursday, January 21 I am out of town, but that does not mean you can’t find yourself at this fabulous event. CounterEvokution 37 W 17th St (second floor) New York, New York 10011 Phone     (718) 243-2399 Website  http://counterev.com Email      contact@counterev.com As per the lovely and talented Susan Wang.. Nothing brings in the new year like a new song inspired by a Kurt Vonnegut novel. 2016 is the year of GALAPAGOS. Come here, come hear, come see and come sea new songs and dance inspired by the book. No Cover – BYOB The show is being held in the loving, Vonnegut-appreciating arms of Jim Malone’s exquisite venue, CounterEvolution — the best sounding furniture showroom this side of the Hudson. These fine songwriters and choreographers will be filling the room with book-inspired sound and movement: Mark Lessereaux Susan Hwang Timothy Dark Charlie Nieland Pearl Rhein Don Rauf Sweet Soubrette Henry Tenney Marlon CHerry Sophie Malleret Phoebe Novak Jessie Kilguss Nicola Yvette Andrew Jannetti/ Mara Katz David Lavin Jia Jung And tell ’em Spoon sent ya!