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Day 3 – 2019 Martins for NAMM

Day 3 – OM-28 Modern Deluxe With a special vintage neck and ultra modern construction features of the new Modern Deluxe Series    


Spoon’s Martinfest Schedule

Spoon’s Martinfest Schedule: Thursday and Friday: C. F. Martin & Company, Nazareth, PA, catching up with old friends and playing new guitars. Saturday: Martin on Main Street Fair, center of town at the top of Main St. 2:45 Spoon will be appearing with the Paul Ukena Trio on the main stage. 5:00 Spoon will be preforming solo on the main stage Sunday: Nazareth Boro Park, rain or shine. Hope to see you there!


Happy 2017!

Like so many, I am so glad to see 2016 go. Here’s to a much better 2017. I am looking forward to performing, recording, reviewing, with some excellent guitars in the coming year. I spent New Years Eve talking out all of my guitars, because I know they can get bored, and spent some time with each, before putting them to bed with refreshed humidifiers. Happy New Year